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Class Descriptions

Educational Dance for Ages 2-Adult

We teach various genres of dance for children and adults. Our DANCE Schedule has a variety of Classes, Workshops & Master Classes!  We also have Pre-school prep. classes! Come dance with us!

Pee Wee & Kids Groove

Dance classes offer young children a multifaceted avenue for growth, enhancing both their physical prowess and cognitive abilities.

Ballet & Pointe

Our Ballet & Pointe classes offer a comprehensive blend of physical, mental, and social benefits.


Tap dance classes present a multifaceted approach to enhancing physical health, cognitive skills, and social interaction.


Jazz dance classes offer a holistic approach to personal growth, blending physical health with artistic expression.


Acro dance classes merge the realms of dance and acrobatics, offering participants a unique blend of physical, cognitive, and interpersonal benefits.

Hip Hop

Hip hop dance classes offer a vibrant blend of physical exertion and artistic expression, rooted in urban culture.

Musical Theater & Drama

Musical theater and drama dance classes provide a rich, multifaceted training in performance arts, blending dance, voice, and dramatic expression.

Contemporary & Lyrical

Contemporary and lyrical dance classes immerse participants in a world of emotive storytelling and technical refinement.

Performance Company

Belonging to a performance company dance team offers dancers unparalleled opportunities for growth and exposure.



Pee Wee Dance​
2 year olds

An introduction to basic ballet and creative movement, this class focuses on children learning to love music and movement.  A variety of props are used (princess/prince crowns/wands, tambourines, maracas, scarves, etc.) which creates excitement for our young dancers.  Both group and individual activities are incorporated to begin teaching the fundamentals of dance. This is an independent class, but if your child has never been separated before, we work with them to ensure they are comfortable.

Minis & Girls OnlyHip Hop​
4-6 year olds

A specialized Hip Hop class, tailored just for our younger boys & girls, the fundamentals of Hip Hop are the concentration, exposing dancers to isolations, intro to posing & breaking and essential Hip Hop technique.  Only age appropriate music is used.

Kids Groove Combo Ballet/Tap
3-4 year olds

A combination of Ballet/Tap, this class exposes young dancers to the fundamentals of ballet for the first 30 minutes, then introduces the genre of Tap for the second half of class.  We focus on terminology & technique, while using fun, appropriate music that keeps students engaged.  Props are used to utilize explanation of various terms.  

Ultimate Dancing Feet Ballet/Tap *  5-6 year olds

A combination of Ballet/Tap, this class challenges beginner dancers by introducing them to the fundamentals of the core genres of dance.  Students will receive a technical ballet class for the first 30 minutes of every class, focusing on terminology & technique, and then receive Tap training for the remainder of class.  We aim to encourage these dancers to experience as many forms of dance as possible, so they are able to choose which they connect with when moving into the older, one hour, single genre classes.

All classes are structured around imparting both a technical education and understanding of terminology.  We promote a positive atmosphere, where students are encouraged to express themselves through movement and all they learn in class.  If you have any questions regarding class specifics, please contact us.

Classes for 7+ Dancers

Ballet * Tap * Jazz * Jazz Funk * Hip Hop * Lyrical * Contemporary * Modern * Cheer * Acro * Musical Theater * Drama
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