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Performance Allstars

For the Serious Dancer

DTTA Performance Company is for the serious dancer, who wants to further their dance training in a more rigorous, focused way.  In addition to regular technique classes during the week, these dancers receive  individualized and group training through additional practices.  These practices are tailored to the dancers’ individual needs.  Instructors work with each team member to develop an appropriate “plan of action” for accomplishing technical goals.  Realistic time frames are set, and dancers are encouraged to work with their instructors to achieve the level of dance they are aspiring to.

performance company

More Than Anything, My Staff And I Want To Instill A Sense Of Excitement In Being A Part Of Something “Special.” When I Was A Young Dancer, I Knew That Participating In Something With My Fellow Dance Classmates Meant Something. It Meant That We Were Growing Together As A Team. I Will Never Forget The Sense Of “Togetherness” I Felt When Cheering Each Other On At Conventions, Competitions, And Special Events. I Want To Bring That Same Feeling To Dance Through The Ages And All Dancers Who Take Class With Us Each Week. I Am Excited And Honored To Have The Chance To Open This Door To Those Who Wish To Participate.

Ms. Meredith
Dance Director/Owner

performance company
Company Team Participation Requirements
  • Participation in the Company is free (with the exception of DTTA t-shirt/warm-ups purchase, which must be worn at all travel events).

  • All participants must be 6 years of age or older, with At Least one year of dance experience or approval from the Dance Director.

  • All participants must take at least three disciplines of dance each week, including, but not limited to Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical and/or Hip Hop.

  • All participants must attend Company rehearsals. Rehearsals will take place each week on Fridays, from 5:30-6:30 p.m.

  • Additional rehearsals not included on the rehearsal schedule may take place as needed.

  • Each dancer is allowed 2 excused absences from rehearsals for the dance season. Extended and continual absences without approval will result in removal from the team.

  • Appropriate dance attire must be worn for all rehearsals-no exceptions!

  • Dancers must have all appropriate shoes-Ballet, Tap & Jazz Shoes

  • All Company Dancers will be expected to participate in all Company events/workshops/fundraisers, etc. unless prior notice for excusal has been given.

  • Additional fees may occur for participation in workshops, conventions, competitions, etc. All parents will be given prior notice concerning these fees. Company dancers will be expected to participate in fundraisers to help with the cost of these events.

  • Company Dancers Are Required To Attend At Least One Convention/Workshop, Although Strongly Encouraged To Attend The Two We Will Be Attending As A Group. Company Dancers Will Be Required To Attend At Least One In-House Company Workshop With Broadway Connections, Although Strongly Encouraged To Attend The Two We Will Be Hosting.

  • Company Dancers will participate in all shows/recitals produced by DTTA, as well as have routines to perform, in addition to those in their regular weekly dance classes.

  • Being a part of Company Dance Team is something special, in addition to regular classes. We expect all dancers to act in a courteous manner during classes and rehearsals, as well as to show a sincere dedication towards practicing on their own to better their skill

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